Help choose water filtration systems for new house on drilled well

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I would appreciate help choosing between two whole house water filtration systems quoted for a new construction home on a mountainside in Vermont. Water is from a drilled well. I have attached the water test results. The results show high iron, manganese, turbidity, odor, TDS and hardness. Both vendors propose to add a reverse osmosis system at the kitchen faucet in addition to the whole house system

Vendor # 1

Clack 1248 Ceramic Filter Kit
Clack 1248FM Cation Kit (Clack 1248 Fine Mesh Softener with 18x33 Brine Drum. WS1 Upflow valve)
Salt Redout 40 lb bag Cargill (Iron Fighter Salt)
20" BB Kit
BB 20" NanoCeram Pleated Filter - 4.5"x20"
K5 RO System with WOW Tank Kit

Vendor # 2 describes their system to me as a"backwashing ozone filter for the removal of the metals, odor, and turbidity followed by a softener to remove the hardness. Plus a reverse osmosis drinking water system in the kitchen for cooking and drinking purposes"

WSFSW10LFM-3: Sidewinder Ozone Filter
2060S Premier series non electric softener with brine drum (11006), with smart blend media
Kinetico K5 Drinking water station (12799)

[this second Kinetico system is 3K more than the first one]

Vendor #3. For completeness, I will also add what the plumber had suggested. His test results were different than the other two: iron 6.0 PPM; 0 PPM manganese; 11 grains per gallon hardness 6.7 PH.

Watersoft AF13 Provector filter with Smart blend media
Watersoft 48,000 Grain softener with 4 bags of solar salt.

Vendor 1 did not give a description of the kind of system they are quoting, but I assume it is non an ozone filter. I'd appreciate feedback on how these would compare for our situation, especially #1 versus #2. This is a second/vacation home with 3 bathrooms, and we are a family of 2 adults and 2 children.

thank you!


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