Heads Up if you are buying a computer for Christmas

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    If you are thinking about buying a Mini computer for a gift or yourself then You may be in for a surprise.

    I would check the Operating System that comes on it.

    Windows® systems with Windows® 7 starter® are the ones that I see to be infected.

    The OS will not even allow a Administrator to change the Wallpaper without hacking the System, But that can be done.

    Many user are Surprised when the new computer needs a Software Upgrade, Right off the bat.
    At the cost of a $50-80 dollar upgrade.

    Do Yourself or someone else a favor, Buy the System with a full operating system.

    A normal user would have no Idea how to crack using Regedit just to set the background picture.

    That is the first problem that most users see, but there are others.
    There are many other limitations that give users other problems.

    If you buy the correct OS in the first place, You reduce your chance of System Failure, because of a messed up RegEdit for trying too get something for nothing.

    Don't be a sucker for Win7_Starter®, or any Starter OS unless you have to.

    They only get you online long enough to Buy the Upgrade.

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