Gerber Ultraflush and toilet seats

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  1. Richard Fischer

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    Oct 4, 2015
    Glen Ellyn, Illinois
    I'm having trouble finding a quality plastic toilet seat that properly fits my Gerber Ultraflush toilets (round, not elongated). All plastic seats I've found work, but barely. The two main issues are:

    1) The toilet seat bumpers barely make contact with the top of the Ultraflush bowl. This is because the Ultraflush has an unusually thin bowl top edge. Seat manufacturers assume a thicker one and place the bumpers much closer to the center under the seat. Only about a quarter inch of the bumpers (outside edge) make contact with the top of the bowl. If the seat is not completely and securely attached, any movement causes one of the seat bumbers with seat to slide off the bowl top.

    2) The Ultraflush bowl ledge at the back of the bowl (where the seat attachment holes are) begins sloping down after an inch of the holes (thin bowl edge issue again!). Most seat attachments have a plastic enclosure over the bolts which is usually longer than an inch, causing the enclosure to slightly hang over the slope. I've found seats with smaller enclosures that fit (less than an inch), but only with painted wood seats.

    Has anyone else encountered this? Maybe I'm being too compulsive, who knows. But it would be good to find a proper fitting plastic seat. (The seat I'm currently using is the Centoco 4000LC Lift and Clean... very good otherwise.)
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