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I have a 2" galvanized drain pipe that was so corroded that it literally fell out under its own weight. The pipe threads are corroded/fused into the 45 fitting, and I can't get them out of the fitting (tried wire brush, hack saw, etc. The galvanized pipe was touching a copper pipe, and I suspect it might be the cause of this level of corrosion right at the fitting.) I need to connect to this drain, and I'm looking for ideas how to connect. Normally, I would just cut the fitting out and use a Furnco to connect PVC, but this fitting is jammed against a joist (and subfloor), and I'm not sure there is enough room for a 3.5" long Furnco then a PVC 45. On the other side of this fitting is a short nipple and then a CI toilet flange with this 2" inlet. There is no room to unscrew the nipple- I'm pretty sure the nipple and 45 were attached to the toilet flange before it was installed because there is no room to turn it. This drain serves just a hand sink (lav) in a rarely used third floor bath.

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So we're looking at a 45 with a short nipple into a tapped side inlet closet bend? I think your best bet is to very carefully cut the threads off as close to the 45 as you can, chisel out enough of the joist to get a Fernco on, fill the threads with epoxy so they're smooth and install the band with whatever combination of fitting you need. Or look at what it would take to replace the closet ell with a wye for the sink and elbow for the toilet..
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