Furnaces in the winter

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    Nov 28, 2012
    Before the weather turns cold, make sure you don't need furnace repair and replacement. Nobody wants that on a winter day. To make sure everything works the way it should, replace your filter and check it every month thereafter. Clear away anything blocking your vents or return air vents. Make sure the vent area of your furnace is clear. Vacuuming and cleaning around the furnace area is a good idea. Check furnace belts and motor operation. If they are worn or cracked, then you need furnace repair.

    As a side note, if the dry air is too much for you, consider getting a humidifier installed directly in your furnace. It takes the dryness out of the air so you feel more comfortable, your lips don’t feel quite as chapped and your skin doesn’t feel so dry.
    If you do need furnace replacement then one of the next two things happened to you - first one, obviously, is that the one you have does not function anymore: maybe it has broken down and there’s nothing else you can do or it has been „red-tagged†or condemned by gas inspectors (if you have a gas furnace). The second one is that is getting old, or your fuel bills are becoming too excessive to tolerate. In this case, you have more time to shop around and get the best furnace and fuel that fits your needs. Just call some professionals to check it, before you realize you need furnace repair in the middle of the winter.
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