Floor Drain In Slab Foundation????

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    Aug 6, 2005
    Looking for suggestions and advice since this site has been most helpful in past. Yesterday, my washer failed to stop filling and water flooded carpeting in my slab foundation house. That is being addressed by extraction team, but what I am wondering is how to prevent anything like this from happening again? Stacking washer/dryer is presently located in interior closet which butts against wall of bathroom (toilet is first in line, probably 24" away from washer). Is it possible to install some form of floor drain that either dumps into dry well or ties into main drain line so that if this happens again, or a supply line bursts or discharge line from washer gets disconnected, that the water can safely exit without flooding out the house? Would it be a plumber that I contact for such work? Any ideas about the cost of this type of job (wild ballpark figures will do - I just want an idea) - Thanks ahead of time to all - Michelle
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    I can't even guess how much it would cost, that would take an on-site evaluation of a number of factors that would affect the final price. A floor drain fixture is something like 12" deep, and it would have to be connected to the main sewer drain. The connecting pipe would have to have at least a 1/4" per foot slope to where is accessed the sewer. So, the distance to the sewerline, and its depth would be at least two major concerns. It would be a very labor intensive job to retrofit the drain which would have been dirt cheap during construction.
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    Feb 6, 2005
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    mucho money

    that would be expensive to do

    basically try to install a floor drain
    in the slab home after the fact.

    for one thing you would not have fall '
    to the drain and any water still go anywhere
    it wanted to .....and finally make its way to
    that drain....

    I suppose if you had a closet or
    space availavle, you could cut the floor open
    and literally install a sump pit, somethinig like a
    5 gallon bucket with a zoeller pump in it
    and then just pump it out
    the side of the house--.or into the laundry drain
    it would work and you could
    put a pan under your washer and water heater and run these
    drains to the pit...for prevention of future problems....

    thats if you got the room to play with....

    ballpark price of $1500-??

    now that sounds like a fun satruday project.....
  5. toolaholic

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    Jul 16, 2005
    Repairing and remodeling homes
    Marin Co. Ca.
    install an elec watts valve at faucet area

    buy the one that comes with a water sensor. the unit.
    watts intelliflow auto. washing machine shuttoff valve model a2-mi
    you can also install an overflow pan under unit to drain to outside wall, if laundry is on outside wall. any water under the machine and hot and cold are shut of with selanoid. power outage?. no water forget the floor drain, this is in MY laundry. good luck tool
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