Floor drain in basement

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    Mar 7, 2006
    I just purchased a house in the Northeast Ohio area. The house has a well and a septic system. I have an unfinished basement that I am considering finishing, but I am concerned that there is sump pump in the basement. There were no water issues outlined in the required property disclosure form we received at the time we placed the offer on the home, and the basement does appear dry. My question(s) are:

    (1) are sump pumps and sub-slab drainage (and for that matter, foundation drainage systems such as a perforated pipe/tile drain system) required elements in construction in most areas? I would be curious to know how the foundation drainage system is operating without a sump; would the water be simply diverted away to a lower-lying area (elevation-wise)?

    (2) I have a floor drain in my basement as well as two floor drains in my garage. Neither drain appear to be connected to the septic system, as neither has a lift station and there is no sump in the basement. Where do these drains discharge? Is it allowable by code to simply allow the water to discharge into the sub-slab area, or does the water have to be diverted away from the home in order to avoid both sub-slab erosion issues as well as satuation issues with the septic leach field system?

    I appreciate your help and replies. I want to finish the basement but want to make sure that it is a space that is usable and will not consistently have water backup problems from the floor drain and walls due to the lack of a sump or foundation drainage system. Perhaps you have knowledge that would help answer these questions as well as those I outlined above.
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    old field tiles

    What you have are some old filed tiles that are going out somewhere

    but who knows where........out to some creek or storm sewer

    the best advice I can give you is to take a hose and put some water into the unfinished basement and see where it all collects.....

    if you have some low spots that dont drain to the floor drains
    then you got to consider your options....

    Remember that
    Their is no guarantee that those floor drains are
    gonna keep working forever..... they could break down
    the ground could shift , the tile could collapse... you cold get roots.

    and if you decide to finish off your basement with
    carpet and the works,
    murpheys law say that it WILL BREAK DOWN...
    if you are worried about it

    it might be best to consider either putting in a
    water proofing system with a drainaige tile around the inside of
    the basment going to a sump pit thats costs $$

    or just installing a sump pump pit somewhere near your floor drains
    if it is not out in the middle of the room..... thats less expensive....

    another route which I did with my old house was just not to gamble
    on it all staying dry and just finish off the
    basement with throw rugs on a painted concrete floor

    it worked pretty good and left my floor drains open for whenever we had
    water seeping into the basement.
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