Fleck 5600SXT display not coming on - does it need circuit board replaced?

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My Fleck 5600SXT had an Error 0 on it last week. Per the service manual, I tried unplugging and replugging. When I replugged, the display did not come up. I checked the 24V transformer and the outlet. It did this once before (a year or so ago) and about an hour later (when I retried) it came-up that time. Not this time. A plumber looked at it today and was mostly trying to assess the downflow piston and seals etc. to check-out the reason for the Error 0. He plugged it in at some point and it came up again. While he was cycling through regen stages, it timed-out on one again "sticky piston issue he was looking at" and resulted in another Error 0. I'm ordering 60102-71 piston and 60125 seals & spacers. At least those PN's according to service manual. The concerning thing to me is we unplugged it after the Error 0 and again the display won't come on at all. Almost like its not getting power. Plumber wondered if it was a bad circuit board. Any ideas on something else I could try? Also, if I do get a circuit board - does my having a double backwash cam or the fact it's a turbine type flow meter have any bearing on getting the right circuit board? The plumber got a PN off the back of the circuit board of BR42941U version F. Searching for that I'm not finding much. I don't think I want the whole square looking front panel assembly (pricey and doesn't have my double backwash cam in it etc..). I do see some circuit boards online that say they are the PN 61672-201 (same as the panel assembly) but they are just the circuit board and a little cheaper. So I'm wondering if anyone knows if those would be safe to go with if I do decide to try replacing that board?
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