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i have a Fleck 9100sxt double tank water softner. A few weeks ago I was getting an Error 0 code. I unplugged and plugged back in and the motor/gears began turning. Eventually they would get stuck trying to pull the bottom
Piston out and error 0 would result. Took apart, piston had a few tiny “bumps” causing it to get stuck. I also couldn’t slide the piston in and out with cover in place. After replacement all was working as it should.

A couple days later I noticed water was running into the drain and UD code was on screen and wouldn’t change regardless of buttons or u plugging. I couldn’t figure it out and my multi meter stopped working. Eventually I found that my micro switch closests to the gear motor on the right if looking at face of softner was not working. I have two ordered but my question is can I jump orange/purple/black wires coming into the circuit board briefly to see if the display comes out of UD mode?

I have the water softner on an Ice House America ice and water vending house and would rather just order a new circuit board if that’s my problem now and not waste days for shipping. Time is money in water/ice sales. Also I have some reserve tanks of RO water in the House but it will deplete soon and I don’t want to knock out my 4”x40” RO membrane waiting and filtering non soft water. At the moment I have the softner still working but unplugged to not move pistons and getting 4 grains of hardness. City water is 15. When working
Properly I have total soft water at 0 grains. Also would anyone know business’s that sell the micro switches. D3V-6-1C-25-K-44, 6A 1/4HP 125 250VAC


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