Fleck 5600sxt - 1 yr old - Recent service results in a problem

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Anne Arundel County, Maryland
I recently had a 1 yr service to a Fleck 5600sxt unit that was preforming fine no complaints. After service, Tech reported untreated water from well as: Iron=4, Hard=23, pH=7.2, TDS=231 and treated water as: Iron=1-2, Hard=1, pH=7.2, TDS=242. I also recall a vague comment about adjusting the level of water in the brine tank which will save salt.

For several days after service, the treated water had visible iron affecting clarity and staining toilets with a distinct smell of sulfur.

Return visit, slight improvement but still signs of rust and a sulfur smell. Tech indicates now I may have salt intrusion in my well.

I am having the untreated water tested by a State approved lab to determine if I suddenly have an issue with the well. But, i am scratching my head on the sudden problems with iron and odor that were not an issue for a year.

Any advice or tips?


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In the programming set H to 50 or more, which is compensation for both iron and high-hardness.

Having a softener deal with 4 ppm (mg/l) iron is asking a LOT. Few would recommend that. If you want to do that, I would take further actions. Maybe a ResUp or ResCare dispenser would help. You can also layer Iron Out into the salt.

I would also definitely do a batch resin cleaning with Iron Out powder. This is the stuff, tho Menards does not service MD. https://www.menards.com/main/grocer...tain-remover/io10n/p-1444444183163-c-7097.htm

I would do a well and plumbing sanitizing before cold weather hits. https://terrylove.com/forums/index....izing-extra-attention-to-4-inch-casing.65845/ is my write-up. This will help with "sulfur" (H2S) smell and more. How long? Not sure. somewhere between 3 months and 3 years I would say.

Search a bit. Ask questions that arise for particular items.

For a much better solution, put a good backwashing iron+H2S filter before the softener. What constitutes a good backwashing iron filter is another big research.
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