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    Feb 13, 2013
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    Hey everybody. First time poster. Thanks for the help.

    I'm remodeling my kitchen and have just finished the gut and am getting ready to rough in the plumbing. The house is an old beach cottage built in 1940 (with some additions back in the 70's) so it has it's quirks. The old sink had an S trap, plummed to the main line where it was vented from a common stack shared by other fixtures.

    For the new sink I'm installing a P trap with a 2" drain and 2" dedicated vent stack through the attic and roof (bumped up to 4" out the roof to prevent freezing).

    The new sink will be installed in the corner in a 36" corner sink cabinet. It will be a single, D shaped sink, set catty corner.

    Because of restrictions with the wall construction (ah, cottage living) the only place I can run the vent and drain pipe is toward the very back of the cabinet against one of the side walls. I can't really slide it up the wall to put it directly opposite the P-trap. From what I can tell, a single 45 degree bend, six inches or so off where the drain comes off the wall will put my trap arm directly in line with the drain.

    So it will be tailpiece (with dishwasher drain attached) into p-trap. Then the trap arm will travel back a few inches before making a 45 degree bend, travel six inches or so and meet the sani-t (with vent and drain)at the wall. Is there anything wrong with this configuration?

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    The T can't be rotated to line up with the trap? If not, then if your description is correct, it is okay. Your original diagnosis is incorrect however, the 'common vent" did NOT vent the "S" trap, in fact NOTHING vents an "S" trap, which is WHY it is an "S" trap. Some people would consider a "90 degree sink" preferable to a single sink set on an angle.
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