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    So my finished basement got some water, some mold and I've started the process with GC's.

    Some off thoughts but I wanted to ask...

    One contractor suggested replacing the lower 36" with CBU and he would spackle the surface to make it paint grade and blend with the upper half of the wall
    I thought that was odd to start (2nd contractor that came to house)....

    Studs are not loadbearing . Subsequently Another contractor today suggested to cut the stud at 24" High, build out the bottom with Concrete Blocks, and he would finish the Blocks with stucco.

    I'm ripping out my 10" Wide Plank Flooring (sigh) and replacing it with tile of some sorts.

    Both of these contractors are known for their tilework.....but the whole concrete idea is throwing me off. Is this COMMON practice for finished basements ?

    I found someone who *got it* and knew Kerdi, Ditra, etc without me asking. However, he was crazy as the minute I showed him my basement - he went on a *ECO green kick* and told me don't rip up the flooring, leave the walls along, if the mold does not make you sick, don't do a thing. If you get sick, then rip it out. Places in India, Thailand etc had humidity and mold, etc, etc..

    Slowly wading through more contractors
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