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    Have and use several ego-brand lawn tools. 15" string trimmer works well, but it "eats" trimmer head plates, meaning the trimmer bump-cap; as I bang it against the dirt and more importantly, against concrete while edging, it abrades it and shreds apart. So, the bump-cap ends up separating from the trimmer head body.

    Does anyone know of a good alternative trimmer head to use or know where to buy ONLY the top cap. The rest of the trimmer head lasts and works fine, but dropping $35- $40 for a complete trimmer head is getting excessive and wasteful.

    Recently, I JB-welded my current trimmer head cap back into place, but expect it'll only last one or two trimmings. Ideal would be to attach a lightweight "skidplate" to the bottom "bump-cap". New invention/patent maybe???

    Thanks for any insights!
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    Everyone beats the hell out of trimmer heads regardless of the brand and the caps are not sold separately.

    For one, never ever use concrete to tap the head for more line, use a tree trunk, a fence post, or place wood blocks around the yard for the bump and feed.

    Two, is get to know and the feel of the line as it wears down. The biggest fault here is keep the distance from sold objects that you are trimming around. I find too many users get the head too close to a wall or other object and break the line off at the head, then bang the crap out of it to feed more line. The line is feed by centrifugal force. If there is no line extending past the head all the tapping will usually not feed line. So when using it keep your distance and don't over do it. Let the line cut and when it is about 1/2 way down, then a light bump will feed more line.

    I sold yard equipment at Sears and I was a regional trainer for the yard equipment. The last seven years before retiring I maintained a church and did all the yard work on over 12 acres. I wore out a few heads myself even when using soft ground for the bump and feed, they do wear down eventually.

    EGO uses .095 line which is the minimum size used for commercial use. Don't go with the cheapest price ones you can find for line. There are quality differences and the cheap stuff will break easier. I like the line with ribs on it that allows it cut easier.
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