Drop in tub and shower?

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    Jun 12, 2013
    I have a feeling this is a question that gets asked frequently. Our starter home has a pathetically small (approx 9 foot by 8 foot) master bath. It's complicated by the fact that it has a slanted ceiling, going from a standard 10ft height down to a low of only 3.5 feet tall. Our issues are further compounded by the fact that there is a window located 2/3 of the way down the longest wall.

    We had originally hoped to install a 54x54 jetted corner tub, and then build a custom shower around the window, but it seems that with the decking, there is just not enough space (distance from the corner to the window is 57.5"). We then began to look at the option of building in an alcove and having a longer rectangular tub/shower combo. We fell in love with a 72x42" drop in at lowes. I of course wanted to research further, and it seems that the add-on flange kits are prone to failure, and any jetted tub that is 72" or longer with an integral flange is out of our price range (we are trying to stay below $1100 with tax).

    Is there ANY way to do the drop-in tub with additional waterproofing and not run the risk of catastrophic failure? We plan on converting this home to a rental within 5 years, and we want to do things right the first time. If that means having a smaller jetted tub (60x30 or 60x32) then that's what we'll do, but I love the allure of the tub for two!
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    www.Schluter.com has a diagram detailing how to waterproof this scenario (the makers of KerdiFix, Kerdiband, and Kerdi materials along with lots of other things).
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