driveway/basement flooding solution

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  1. mrphilip

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    Dec 26, 2007
    I am trying to determine the best type of pump that can be used outdoors(underground in a concrete pit). This is my situation. About once a year I have been getting water in my basement. The problem only occurrs in extreme rainfall conditions. My house is an old cape that has a garage under it at the basement level. At the base of my driveway in front of the garage is 1.5 ft square concrete basin around 3 ft deep. This basin captures water run-off from the drive way and water from under the house foundation (the builder must have forseen a potential issue with excessive water pressure under the foundation and planned for it). The drainage system works under normal conditions but when there is extreme rainfall the drainage can not keep up. Over the past several months I have been experimenting and I am somewhat convinced I have found a solution. I am using a 3/4 HP effluent submersable pump in the basin that activates when the water in the hole gets too high. The pump keeps the water from filling the basin and hence the water under the foundation continues to drain (avoiding the hydrostatic pressure) and the basin doesn't overflow into my garage and basement. Now that I am convinced my system works, I want to have it installed in a more permanent way. Currently, I go out and unfurl a flexible hose and plug in the pump. I want to enlarge the basin size, bury a hose/pvc discharge line under ground and some how hard-wire a pump and possibly a back up pump. My concern is that unlike most sump-pump systems, mine will be outdoors. I live in Massachusetts and I want to make sure the pump/system I install will not freeze and be able to handle the small debris that gets throught the grating. It is not uncommon for winters to consist of alternating days of snow/rain/teen type tempertures/above freezing tempertures. What type of pump/system do you recommend?
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    Jun 16, 2007
    NorthWest PA
    My dad did the pump thing and it worked usually. The trouble was power failures and pump going bad or at times too much water.

    He ended up spending a few thousand dollars and digging up a road and installing a larger pipe that would keep up with the flow and not plug. Fortunately it was a small road and the township took care of part of the job because it was partly their problem.

    If you can dig and install a large pipe it is worth it in the long run even with the added cost.
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