Do plumbers generally test residential PVC drains for leaks?

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So I've done a fair share of attaching PVC together with primer and cement. Recently I have done some PVC drains in an apartment I'm building in the basement. The kitchen sink drain was a little odd since I had to 45 around a concrete jog in the wall. It was a tight spot and while inserting the pieces into each other behind the new 2x4 wall, there was one piece that pushed out of the fitting after gluing for a second but then I was able to push it back in. It was a tight spot so I wasn't able to twist it as I was pushing it in.

So my question is, do plumbers usually test the drains somehow before sheet rock goes up to ensure PVC drains are leak free, or just hope for the best? I was thinking to fill the drain line with water and let it sit for a while to see. Or while I know DWV is not rated for high pressure, would maybe 5psi be a bad idea just to test for leaks?

Also, just out of curiosity, I noticed on the primer/glue that's sold at home depot, there is a temperature rating on the glue that to me seems a lot lower than the hot water temperature we usually dump down our drains in our houses? What gives?


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We always test by creating min. ten ft. of head, unless making a small branch extension or minor adjustment, in which case we use a flow test with a pressurized water stream.
Temp. rating refers to installation process.

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… we use a flow test with a pressurized water stream.

Meaning you run the water and see if it leaks?

As a home owner dealing with minor repairs/projects I fill whatever I am dealing with (sink, tub, etc.), let it rip, and check for leaks. The bar is obviously higher for professionals.
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