DIYer: Best way to replace valve at the end of toilet's polybutylene line?

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The valve on the end of a polybutylene line is leaking and the valve won't come off (I tried dousing the entire thing in WD40, won't budge).

I did some research and it seems I can use a "Shark Bite" on the end of the line but it also seems that many plumbers are against using "Shark Bites"...?

I also found this solution on another forum that involves using a "pex-to-qwest crimp coupling"... I cannot understand the technical language they used to describe the solution (his solution also seems to be specifically for a faucet but I don't think that matters)...

"get a pex-to-qwest crimp coupling. (pex = 3 letters = 3 rings on the fitting; qwest = 5 letters = 5 rings on fitting) Take a 3" piece of pex. crimp on your pex style angle stop (both hot and cold) Now crimp the pex side onto both make-up pieces you should have an angle stop on one side and a pex coupling on the other (if you build the piece before you get under your cabinet, you'll only have two crimps in that tight-ass space). Cut the grey qwest pipe (carefully. don't crush it). Slide your crimp ring onto cold and crimp it in"

Anyhow, I definitely plan to carefully cut the line where it meets the valve as I don't see any other way of removing the valve. I'm going to try to replace the valve with another compression valve and see if that holds...

Any other suggestions?
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