Dishwasher High Loop Placement

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    We are in the process of installing a dishwasher in our basement. Due to the placement of the cabinets, the distance between the sink drain and the dishwasher is approximately 7 feet. In order to have the dishwasher drain into the sink drain (and the only possible drain) is to add an extention to the dishwasher drain.

    At what height should the extension drain hose be placed between the dishwasher and the drain? At drain height? at bottom cabinet level? Other?
    I am wondering if the dishwasher already has a high loop on the drain hose is another high loop needed closer to the sink?
    If a high loop is needed in the cabinet underneath the sink, then;
    1) Will the dishwasher pump be strong enough to push the water 7+ feet and through two high loops (one at the dishwasher and one underneath the cabinet)?
    2) There will obviously be standing water left in the drain hose between the two high loops, is this a problem? Will it cause any issues?

    Keep in mind this dishwasher will be placed in a bar in a basement with very little use, maybe 1-2 times per month and code does not require an air gap.

  2. hj

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    Run it low, otherwise the water in the line will drain back into the dishwasher.
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  4. asktom

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    Nov 9, 2009
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    Loop the hose as high as possible (slightly above the top of the sink is best). An air gap is better whatever the code says.

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