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    Apr 12, 2012
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    I decided to try and turn on my sprinkler system myself this afternoon. I started by trying to turn both of the two valves located outside...I couldn't turn either of them so I went into the basement and turned the main valve to the system on...It sounded so loud that I thought I should turn it off....so I went back outside to find that water had been coming out of the spicket part...I closed the spicket and tried to turn the valve above it. This time I managed to turn it. I went inside and ran through each of the zones. I have a couple heads that need replacing. I just wanted to make sure that I didn't turn off or on a valve that I shouldn't have...I am trying to upload a picture but having a difficult time. There is a pipe that comes out of the house attaches to the pipe that goes down to the spicket and over to a pvc pipe. The pvc pipe valve was parallel to the pipe and I couldn't move it. The valve that goes down towards the spicket, I turned so it is now perpendicular to the pipe....
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