Delta Ara 17 trim just installed - water temperature lever won’t move.

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I have had huge issues related to two bathroom renovations. I FINALLY have a finished shower - after not having a functioning shower in my home for several MONTHS. The Delta universal tub/shower valve was installed many months by a licensed plumber. My tile contractor finished my upstairs guest bathroom yesterday (grout cured and sealed - ready to go) and he installed the fixtures.

The larger lever that turns the water on and off works fine, however, the smaller lever that sets the temperature doesn’t really move. So, I can’t adjust the temperature at all. I was recently diagnose with mast cell leukemia - and, unfortunately, I can‘t take hot showers (hot temperatures trigger my mast cells = more problems). The current temperature of the water is too hot - so, I can’t use the shower.

I really don’t want to ask my neighbor to use her shower again (or have my sister come pick me up to use hers). Before I start removing things, I thought I’d try asking here first. I did try loosening the screw that I saw after popping off the temperature control lever (I saw that there was a stamp that read something like, “Do not over tighten screw” - and it seemed to be pretty tight. However, that didn’t change anything (although, I didn’t know how loose to make it, so I just did it a very small amount).

All I’ve been able to find are videos/articles/posts related to adjusting the temperature control stops when people don’t have enough hot water - which is not my issue.




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Take the instructions in hand and reverse disassemble everything and re evaluate and reassemble. It is step by step simple.
It is best to have the plumber who does the work, complete the work.
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