Culligan Sulfur-Cleer Not Regenerating

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    Dec 17, 2012
    Hi -

    I purchased a Culligan Sulfur-Cleer system a couple of years ago, and now the system has stopped regenerating. Basically to regenerate, I fill a bottle with a bleach/water mixture and attach it to this hose that's connected to my unit. During the regeneration process, it's supposed to suck up the bleach/water mixture from the bottle while its backflushing to clean out the filter media. I generally do this bleach regeneration every 4 weeks as recommended by Culligan. The last time I went to regenerate the system, I noticed that the bottle had some of the liquid still in the bottom but was mostly empty. I filled the bottle up again at least a month ago and its almost completely full still so the system clearly isn't pulling any liquid during the backflushing process.

    Has anyone had any problems like this before or know what could be checked before spending $130 to have Culligan come out and look at it? Of course the owner's manual says nothing about this problem. Thanks for your help!
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    Most likely the injector is plugged with something and stopping the bleach from getting drawn in the main media tank.

    With the changes that Culligan has under gone of late I am not sure as too what valve you have.
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