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    Oct 14, 2004
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    I need to install a corner shower 38 x 38 with a fiberglass pan.
    Plan is to use imitation marble on stud walls and possibly glass for sides and door.
    Concerns I have are:
    1) Glass on side wall which butts up against lav vanity (using rain glass or some other opaque glass) will still be visible from inside shower
    2) Sealing the lav top to the glass side wall to keep water from lav top running down between the two.
    3) Would prefer walls to go to ceiling instead of 5-6 feet.
    Only solutions I can think of so far is: Higher glass wall -- or --
    drop the glass walls and go with a 2x2 stud wall either secured on the top of the fiberglass pan (???)
    or beside the pan -- if there is enough room.

    Suggestions appreciated for better alternatives.
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