Contractor mistakes? Wet vent, downsized line?

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Hi there,
I have a contractor that is updated the DWV piping in my basement as part of a remodel. Where we had a single sink that we used as a sink, dog wash and laundry drain, we are now going to have a dedicated washer box, dog wash, and sink.
In the center of the photo is the cleanout for where all the drains leave the house and go out to the sewer line in the street. On the left is where the sink was and where the new sink will be. The existing pipe on the left is a vent that goes up through the roof. On the right the kitchen drain comes down from above (existing pipe). The new black pipe going off the right includes the washer box and the new dog wash. Each of those combine into a common new vent that goes up through the roof (not shown in the photo)
I'm suspicious of two things:
1. Can/should all three of these drains be combined together?
2. The drain on the left has been decreased from 2" to a smaller size in order to make the connection to the existing cast iron pipe, not good?
Thanks everyone in advance for your help. I don't want to waste one of my city inspector visits on something that looks bogus to me already...