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    I've read that a major pex pipe manufacturer is no longer producing their product. I have rental property and have used some pex pipe and fittings in the past. It seemed like the ideal thing for remodeling, flexible and the fittings were heavy brass. I can't remember but I think I used the rehau tool with the compression fittings.
    Is pex pipe still popular? Do you guys recommend it? Should I invest $3-500 in the tooling? I'm confused.
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    You aren't the first to ask...

    So, rather than beating it up all over again, use the search function, and then ask specific questions.

    Those that like it seem to prefer Uphonor (Wirsbo). Their system uses an expander tool and a reinforcing ring rather than a crimping tool and metal ring. This relies on the natural memory property of pex to hold the pipe to the connector rather than an extra add-on metal ring that is applied when the pipe just wants to go back to its normal shape. WHen I had work done at my home in a remodel, they used Uphonor pex, and I don't have any problems with the idea or the installation. I also have about 800' of pex tubing used for in-floor heating.
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