Connect house to water heater with PEX?

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I have a need to move my water heater now and then. The WH is on a wheeled base which can be fixed in place. The electrical connection is obviously no problem, but I'd like all water connections to the house and solar panels to be made via flexible hoses of some kind that would allow small movements (a couple of feet) without disconnecting, and permit easy disconnection for longer moves. I'm using Watts flexible stainless lines for the house connection now (3/4 pipe thread), but they aren't long enough, and the solar array is hard-connected with soft 1/2" copper. I'm wondering if I could use 3/4" PEX and 1/2" PEX for these two connections, and if so, what fittings are available to use to conveniently connect and disconnect?

Tempting as it is to buy some new tools, I would probably have the hoses made up by a pro.


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From what I've read here, I think you need something like a couple of feet of pipe designed for it coming out of the WH before you can convert to pex. In other words, I don't think pex is spec'ed for direct connection at the water heater.
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