Combicor vs. Genesis vs "on demand" for small unit hydronic heating & H water

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    Jan 10, 2010
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    I'm adding real heat to my 4th small apartment. The 1st, a pro job, was a disaster, using a small cast iron boiler with a 40 gal heat exchanger on a zone for domestic hot water. It's huge, inefficient and needs constant cleaning.

    The next 2, also pro installs, used a package known as a "Genesis", a Bradford-White 40 gal water heater with a bronze circulator for hydronic and a tempering valve for domestic. They're small footprint and work like a charm in these 450 sf units, no maintenance at all after setup.

    Now I'm trying to decide whether to just do it again, use a Bradford-White Combicor which is actually designed for this but is more expensive and requires more peripheral hardware, or a wall hung unit like a Embassy Combi unit. I'm reluctant to do the Embassy since it has a blower, and would be louder in this small apt than a water heater based system, though it would be more efficient.

    Anyone have any experiences with these products?
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