Cesspool in Marin county California

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    Dec 18, 2005
    ( I have posted this under a few headings, not sure where my questions should go and I need to make an offer soon on this house if I am going to buy it, sorry about the dual postings)

    My wife and I would like to buy a house in Forest knolls in Marin County California. The house is a fixer(1924 year) sits on a hill and is Pier and Post. I am General Contractor and will do 99% of the work myself. My question deals with the redwood Cesspool. I will have to submit some permits for the work I want to do and was wondering if the County will make be update this to a septic system with leach field. The problem with that is the house sits on a hill and there is a creek about 75 yards away. Does anyone know of alternative not so costly methods of upgrading this Cesspool system. The Real estate agent tells me that the county wont make me upgrade it, I could be wrong, but I dont believe her. It does not have a clothes washer or dishwasher hookup, I guess that would be too much for the cesspool to handle. I will be calling the county, but wondering if anyone has any suggestions.
    Thanks, Scott
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