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    Aug 21, 2008
    My daughter recently bought a Condo. During the home inspection the inspector noticed a slight sag in the main floor ceiling. I measured and their was about a 1" sag. The condo is about 20 yrs old so I figured not to alarming, but we did notice that about a 20'x20' part of the ceiling looked different than the rest of the ceiling which was still not to alarming until the owner admitted that because of a prior water leak that part of the ceiling had been replaced. Now I am alarmed. I suspected possible joist rot and other thoughts of unseen damage above the drywall. The owner knowing this could be a deal stopper said he would tear down the ceiling and let us inspect it. Surprised that he would go to that extent to ease mine and my daughter’s mind we agreed that would clear the fear of damage above the drywall. He actually removed the ceiling and let both my daughter and I inspect the hidden joist but also the home inspector who had drawn our attention to the sag in the ceiling to begin with. The joist looked good and solid and met both ours and the inspector’s approval. He replaced the ceiling and did an excellent job matching the rest of the ceiling.
    That was the preliminary part of the story. My daughter bought the Condo and repainted all the rooms. She actually did not move in for about three weeks after the close. Now for the problem she used the shower above the repaired ceiling and you guessed it the drain leaks and drips below. It only drips when she uses the shower. I am sure that it must be a faulty seal in the drain pipe attached to the tub/ shower. Is there some way to seal the drain pipe from the inside of the pipe (like a spray epoxy) or is the ceiling going to come down again. Sorry for the long story...
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    I'm suspicious that it isn't a drain leak. A drain should leak when the tub is used as well. I'm thinking there is another cause. Sometimes when the shower is used things can leak that don't leak when the tub is used.

    If there is a diverter on the spout the added back pressure can make the spout out the back through the wall. Some mixer valves are also prone to leakage when they are worn and tha shower its selected. The shower riser or shower arm might be leaking. There might be a bad tile job that is leaking. Or, she might just have the curtain placed wrong. It's going to take a little detective work but there is a lot of things I check before tearing things up!

    What kind of mixer is there installed? When does it leak? Be sure its just the shower.. Can you post a picture of the tub?
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