cast iron tub installation and gypcrete

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  1. rewker

    rewker New Member

    May 20, 2014
    Cool looking forum. Just found it and am psyched to look around. I have a specific question about installing a cast iron tub with an apron. I am roughing in a bathroom and want to set the tub before gypcrete is poured. Can someone tell me the best way to raise the tub to match the finished floor? Do I set it on 2x4s and then run the tile to the tub? thanks in advance.
  2. ShowerDude

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    Apr 7, 2014

    Before you go pouring Gypcrete......tell us what kind of Joist system or slab you are dealing with and back up a minute...Lets plan ahead for succss and look closely at your substrate/subfloor shall we?
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  4. rewker

    rewker New Member

    May 20, 2014
    This is a new construction home that was engineered to accept poured gypcrete floors. The tub I am installing is a Kohler Mendota cast iron tub. It's going into and alcove and being set before I lay the in floor heat and pour gypcrete. I'm eventually going to lay tile. I guess that leads to another question. Do I need to lay cement board over the gypcrete to lay my tile? I wouldn't think so.
  5. johnfrwhipple

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    Jul 20, 2009
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    North Vancouver, BC
    Hi Rewker - I just finished helping a builder in California with a load of questions relating to an AKW Shower pan and bypcrete. You need to be very careful here you are getting a tile approved substrate.

    You need to worry about the thickness you are getting.

    Is it safe to assume you are pouring Gyp-Crete over radiant heating pipe? Do you know you need a good 3/4" over top of the pipe. After a lot of back and forth the builder I was helping aborted the Gyp-Crete all together. I urges him to check with his structural engineer and the engineer told him his home was not designed for that kind of weight.

    Think about your stairs. Transitions from tile to hardwood,

    There is a lot going on that you might not understand. My blog page has a little more info on the subject. Your first step - call your engineer. Ask him or her if 1.5" of Gyp-Crete is OK. Then use some 2"x8" 's nailed flat over the area your tub will be installed. Pour the Gyp-Crete even with your bottom plate - 1.5" (most builders in Vancouver use a double bottom plate).

    Slow down. Do your homework.
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