Can you get a very accurate pressure sensor with alarm?

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Blue Oaks

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Morgan Hill CA
After my neighbor lost all his water the other day I started thinking again about having a pressure sensor with an alarm of sorts on it. The scenario is my water tanks on the hill, approx 80 vertical feet up. I'd like to put a sensor in my water closet with my heater and softener. It would trigger an alarm when the pressure dropped below say 35 PSI or whatever I set it to. It'd have to be pretty accurate as I need it to sound when the water drops to maybe half a tank. If it were not accurate enough the water potentially could drop to the bottom of the tank which might only be another 1.2 PSI less than the target pressure.

Have you guys heard of such a thing? I have a visual gauge, but if I get a leak or leave a hose running I can lose all my water overnight.


Cary Austin
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Lubbock, Texas
The points in a regular pressure switch will close at a set low pressure, which could be used to turn on a light or send a signal. But it would be very hard to get it set within a 1.2 PSI range. A float switch in the elevated tank would work. Even if it is powered by a battery with a solar charger it could turn on a light or send a signal that the water level is low.
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