Can someone review this drain lay out and make sure there's no glaring issues

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The vertical 3" line after the 3x3x3 wye at the top of the photos is strictly a dry vent. The main 3" drain (after the 3" vertical vent) continues strait 18' (pitched 1/4 per) through a crawl space to the basement, then turns and exits to the septic. There will be a 1-1/2" vanity drain where the yellow level is set, with its own 1-1/2 dry vent. The toilet has its own 2" vent right after it (that wye fitting for it is actually turn to about 45deg, not flat like it kinda looks in the photo..) Ignore the addition 2" pvc at the top of the photo it was existing and will be capped. and ignore that 4" pvc up top was an old dryer duct.

The only thing that looks kinda weird to me (someone who's not doing this much) is the 2" shower trap, will be lower then the toilet flange (once assembled it will need to be cut into/below the subfloor).. but hoping that's just me.. I guess that's only an issue it main 3"horizontal would get clogged..? and i know there's likely some redundant venting but more then less i suppose.. please lmk if there's any notable issues otherwise. Thank you!

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