Can I run two programs at same time with Rainbird ESP ME3?

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We're going from irrigating 4 acres of pasture with a 5 hp pump and wheel line to an underground system with a Rainbird ESP ME3. It's a whole new world.... There's too much pressure, creating too much mist when running one zone at a time, but we need to keep each zone wired separately for other watering options. I've set up Programs A and B, zones 1 - 5 and zones 6 - 10 respectively, to start at the same time. Instead, zones 1 and 2 are running together, instead of 1 and 6. Not sure what will happen with the next setting that's supposed to begin in about 8 hours. We're in an irrigation district, so we order water to get our place irrigated two days per week. Is it possible to run two programs at the same time? Any help is appreciated!


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I just noticed this post and I check this forum quite often. Every once in a while some posts just do not come up. You may already have your answer but both programs cannot run at the same time.

I have the same controller with the same too much pressure. Rainbird is quite robust and there should be no problem tying two zones together. Take the zone wire 6 and connect it to zone 1. Zone 7 to zone 2, do the rest. Run program A only and two zones will operate at the same time.

What can get you is each zone can be programmed to start up to six different times per day. Check each zone start times. Occasionally an extra start time mistakenly gets added.

Not sure why zones 1&2 are running at the same time.

Program Stacking:
If any programs have Start Times that overlap, the ESP-Me will “stack” the Start Times. When all Stations have run in Program A, then Program B will start watering. Individual stations will water in sequential order. As an example: Program A and B are both set to start at 8:00 AM. But Program B will not run until Program A is finished.
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