Brand new Rinnai RSC199In making low vibrations during post-purge.

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Hello. I had a brand new RSC199In installed on an interior wall in my basement. During post purge, the water heater creates a low vibration that can be heard throughout the house. Because I want to have someone renting my basement out, it's important that this machine isn't too loud. I've had a navien before and don't recall hearing this sound.

The RSC199in is mounted to plywood, and the plywood is mounted to 4 studs that I've blocked up a bit. I've also called Rinnai and we've replaced the original fan (warranty), but it was still similarly bad.

I'm about to spend the $$ to have my plumber rip this water heater out and put in a Navien instead. I do worry that the Navien will do the same thing, which is the main reason I haven't had it swapped yet.

I have the tap on for the first 3-4 seconds and then I turn it off. Post purge starts immediately. Video may not have picked up the low vibration

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