black water from hot water lines

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    Apr 17, 2009
    My parents just purchased a Modular Home , the manufacture came , assembled the pieces , connected the water , turned on the water , without the hot water heater being powered up they ran water through the cold water faucets and everything was fine they ran water through the hot side faucets and after a minute or two the water turned black and had an awful smell , we pulled the lower element out and it was covered with black stuff as well as the inside of the tank , when you get iit on your finger it smells like carbon, only comes out of the hot side without the heating elements on , if you put the cold side hater in a pot and heat it there is no smell. The home is new and the water has been tested by the local DEHEC lab. The manufacturer said they have never seen this ,it is a State Sandhog water heater. Black water and smell only comes from hot side.:confused:
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    black water

    what is the date on the state heater???

    A water heater that is left full of water for a few months
    will become stagnant, something like a fish aquarium....

    I have seen black gook come out of a water heater that was left full of water for a year or two..

    you got to totally flush out that heater to rid yourself of that

    perhaps they installed a used water heater that they took out of another unit into your new home

    also if the water is from a well you can get a rotten egg smell going....

    its best to change the heater
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