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    We have a 2" irrigation line, buried about 18" deep, on our farm that we access at various points via a section 12" PVC pipe standing upright. Each of these access points has a brass gate valve that we reach down in and turn to turn the water on at that point. We've noticed that over the years, these valves get harder and harder to shut off completely. They develop slow leaks through the gate so that only the strongest of hands can close them completely. This makes it impossible for people with weaker hands to reopen them. Eventually, the leak gets worse, nobody can close the valve completely and the leak leaves the 12" pipe full of water which overflows, making the soil around the hole perpetually muddy, tractor tires then make ruts, etc. After 6 years of service it seems half of them need replacing.

    What is the best valve to use in this application? Ball valves seem to be the obvious answer, but I've seen them cease to close completely after years of service as well. Is there anything else that will work well?
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    I don't know the answer to your question, but it seems to me that if you used a tee-handled valve, you could make a simple tool that would make turning the valve on or off pretty easy.

    The Apollo 70-108-01-32 has a stainless steel handle, and 70-108-01-07 has steel tee handle. Click Inbox above.

    The tool could be a pipe with two rectangular cutouts on the bottom end, and a handle up top.

    It could be that a tee handle is available for your present valves.
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  4. WorthFlorida

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    Google "Underground Sprinkler Curb Valve Key". This is the universal tool that will turn almost any valve. They come in various lengths. It will work on the tee shown above. If the valve handle is round and large enough it may also work but not for a typical spigot size valve handle unless it is tee shaped. In Florida, you'll see them in Home Depot where irrigation parts are or in the plumbing isle.

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