bathtub drain overflow faceplate replacement

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    Mar 18, 2007

    I need some assistance on a the faceplate replacement of the tub drain. I have removed the old one, but want to know if I have to pull the assembly out to attach the new one? There isn't enough room for my fingers, the cotter pin and the pliers!! Any suggestions? Do I need to replace the whole linkage assembly?? Thanks
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    Here is a new one I plan to install this evening. Its lever is attached to the faceplace, and the entire assembly is installed or removed together.

    Maybe yours is different, or maybe your lever has come loose from the faceplate?

    Either way, I would assume you should be able to gently pull the entire stopper assembly up and out after the faceplate has been loosed.

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  4. jadnashua

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    You can usually get the whole assembly out, but since it needs to make a seal, it is a tight fit once it gets all scaled up with soap, hair, and corrosion. Try running some water down there to loosen things up a little, then work it up and down to see if you can get it out.
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