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    We are remodelling our master bathroom and completely changing out our vanity. When installing the new vanity, the sinks are much lower than the originals that were removed. I am attempting to dry-fit the p-traps and it appears that if I were to use the absolute minimum tailpiece under the sink, the horizontal pipe coming from the wall would need to be about 1/2" lower to accommodate it.

    Is there a p-trap that will accommodate such an installation? I have considered "building" one with some PVC parts, but I am not sure if the drain pipe should be lowered instead. It seems like a lot of trouble to have to goto for a lousy 1/2", so I figured I should get some feedback first.

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    Yhe sink drain tailpiece is threaded. It is longer than necessary. If you feel handy you might cut it as short as possible (I'm assuming you know what to do with threads once cut).

    Then, with a short sink drain tailpiece, it looks to me that you have enough height to continue with a "normal" installation.

    Code requires the P trap "weir" to be at the height of your drain pipe. So you are correct in thinking that you only have two options. One is to open the wall and rebuild the drain pipe at a lower height. The other option is to get the P trap positioned at that right height, much higher than that tailpiece will allow right now.
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    Unless you are "reversing" the "P" trap, which is never a good idea, there is no way a conventional trap will work in your situation. Even reversing it might now work given the type of drain you have. IT is probably a decision whether to raise the sink or lower the drain, but, lowering the drain may not be possible, it depends on how the pipe is installed inside the wall.
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