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    Apr 3, 2021
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    Hello, I am looking for some input on a potential layout modification in an existing 4 piece bathroom (upper level of house).

    Previous layout looking into bathroom from door (left to right) was jacuzzi, 48" single sink vanity, toilet. The shower was in a nook to the right. The 3" waste stack was to the right of the toilet and there is a single 1.5" vent going into the wall behind the sink.

    I am planning to change the layout as follows (see sketches/photos attached)...previous jacuzzi becomes shower stall with linear drain in similar position to existing drain, existing single sink 48" vanity is replaced with double sink 72" vanity (displacing the existing toilet location), the existing shower stall is removed and becomes a new toilet nook.

    I have gutted the bathroom and opened some of the floor to see where things are running. Can I please have some input/confirmation on the following questions:
    • 3" closet flange in new toilet location going directly to a 3" x 3" x 2" sanitary tee on the stack (lowest/furthest downstream position on the stack). I suppose this is wet venting back to the wall behind the left sink (as it was previously, but now the horizontal distance is increased).
    • 2" off top of 3x3x2 sanitary tee on stack elbows back towards sinks and new shower drain.
    • 2" wye to pick up drain from left sink and connects back to existing venting through wall. Right sink drains back toward left sink.
    • 2" continues to a 2" P trap for the shower drain (I intend on connecting to Kerdi-Line linear drain). Existing is 1.5", any reason not to keep the full run at 2"? Any issue using two 45 degree fittings to get my horizontal line back high enough for the p trap?
    I have done a fair amount of renovation work in my days, but none involving relocating your help is appreciated!

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