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  1. jmkronzer

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    Jun 1, 2006
    We are considering having a national company called "Bath Fitters" install a three-wall acrylic system with an acylic shower pan in our master bathroom. We currently have marble tile, which is pretty, but we are over the grout issues associated with tile, and we were trying to get something that was LOW maintenace. We figured the three-wall system is seamless (except around the pan) and was therefore the easiest to keep up with.

    For cost purposes, we were also considering a one-piece fiberglass system (which would be even easier because there would be no seams) but from what we now know, we can't get that type of unit into the bathroom because it won't fit through the doors.

    Does anyone have experience with Bath Fitters' products that could give some advice? Also, I've read a lot on this site about the Corian-type products as another option. Does anyone have any rough estimate of how that cost compares to a custom acrylic job?

    We realize that some consider the acrylic products a step down from marble tile, but does it really look all that bad or cheap compared to tile? We figured if we were going to spend money we would prefer to spend it on nice countertops than problematic shower units.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give us.
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    Or, remove the grout and replace with an epoxy grout...if you like the looks of the tile, but don't want to deal with grout failures, replace it with epoxy. the inserts sometimes will leak and then you get a squishy mess between the old tub and the liner. If they work, they can be okay. My parents did theirs...I'm not thrilled with it, but it was fast. Not really all that inexpensive, though.
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  4. Master Plumber Mark

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    acrylic units are ok

    we have worked for a few of those the past....

    they install an acrylic shell inside the tub and teh walls going up
    the side....

    in your area of the country it usually runs a about @2600..

    I personally like the showers installs I have seen better than the tubs....

    they seem to be more solid....

    but both seem to last a long time....

    and even in some re-possessed dumps
    we occasionally come across
    an acrylic install that still cleans up pretty well..

    I would suggest that you insist on a new faucet...Delta.

    and you insist on a new drain......sometimes they sort of

    scab on to the old drain at the floor level
    and leave the internals under neath

    the unit alone.....
  5. jmkronzer

    jmkronzer New Member

    Jun 1, 2006
    What about acyrlic versus cultured marble?

    Thanks for your input. Now, what do you think about the cultured marble shower unit versus the acrlic Bath Fitters type of unit? It is only a 36 x 36 shower unit with no tub and I am concerned about the "squish" effect that some people have mentioned. Do cultured marble units have this problem also?

    The obvious advantage of the acrylic is that the walls of that unit are seamless and the cultured marble shower walls are seamed, but both types have seams around the pan. I don't know which one actually looks better for a master bath, but most seem to say the cultured marble.

    Any opinions about cultured marble??? And the ballpark you estimated Mark for an acrylic unit is right in there, so thanks.


    Oh, wait, if I replace the shower head is there a Delta model number you suggest for the highest water pressure? I know some of the new heads don't let you take out the low water pressure gizmo (which is our current problem).

    Thanks a ton, again.
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