Basement remodel - bathroom DWV review?

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    Feb 24, 2005
    Hello all,

    Disclaimer: I'm not a professional. I've reviewed the MN plumbing code to the best of my ability but I am far from certain that my plans are correct. If I have made an obvious mistakes, you have my apologies in advance.

    I've been planning our basement finishing project for the past few months, and am ready to file for permits. I have some questions regarding my DWV layout.

    So, what we have currently is a laundry/utility room. I've taken pictures of the room from the four corners to give perspective, and have photoshopped in some outlines as to where we want things to go. I also have the overhead view of the room in it's current state, what we envision the final state to be, and the all-important DWV view. I'm attaching the layout and DWV views, but all photos are available for viewing here

    A few specific notes:

    1. The kitchen/upstairs bath drain system was going to be replaced since I was already doing a ton of concrete work. There aren't any changes, per-se, just new pipe and cleanouts since the existing cleanouts are frozen up. It's more preventative maintenance than anything else...unless someone thinks it's a complete waste of time.

    2. The existing 4" main stack reduces to a 2" pipe immediately above the main floor toilet connection, as seen in one of the pictures. I'm planning on ripping the entire stack out and going 4" straight up through the roof. I have access to the stack on the main floor wet wall through the back of a closet, and we have an open attic, thankfully.

    3. If you have any feedback on the overall layout of the room, please feel free to comment.

    My questions are:

    1. the 2" drain that includes the whirlpool/tub and laundry will be 2" - I'd like to get that bumped to 4" prior to the toilet connection. How best to handle this?

    2. Does my combined vent for the sink/whirlpool/laundry work? It would be 2" everywhere. I have an I-beam running at the top of the sink wall (right wall in the overhead view) so routing around that will be difficult...if I can "wrap around the corner" with the vent that would make life much easier.

    3. The whirlpool vent, given that the unit will be probably 36" wide (and thus the drain will be at least 18" from the wall) requires me to route "backwards" to the wall to tie the vent in. Any better way of accomplishing this? I will have a similar problem with the toilet but that should be close enough to the wall to work.

    4. For the main floor bath, can I use the same drain flows (shower combines with sink, then ties in with a wye below the toilet connection? I'd be reusing the existing vents, which I didn't draw on the DWV diagram.

    Again, if I've made any idiot mistakes you have my apologies. Sorry for the information overload and number of questions. Thanks in advance for looking and for any feedback you can provide.

    DWV diagram

    Current layout of the room

    Proposed layout of the room
  2. dcelite

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    Oct 5, 2009
    Los Gatos, CA
    1) You can continue the 4" all the way to the laundry if you wish. That may allow you to have a 4" end of the line clean out. You should have a clean out under the sink also. If the whirlpool vent is within 5' of the 4" line then you won't need a clean out on the 2" whirpool drain. 2) Yes, the 2" venting works as long as they are tied together at least 6" above the sink. 3) The whirpool vent looks ok. However the toilet vent should come off of the toilet branch not off the main drain line. You can vent up the wall between the toilet and furnace. 4) Does the shower have it's own vent?
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  4. whoiswes

    whoiswes New Member

    Feb 24, 2005

    Thanks for the response. Here's some more info:

    1. Sounds good. I didn't think about just continuing the line at full size but that makes perfect sense. I should be able to add cleanouts easily enough at all three locations, just need to make sure I plan for access.

    2. Yes, the combined vent will be more than 6" above flood level. Thanks for confirming the combined vent works!

    3. Sorry, I should have caught that. Good idea on using the wall, I wouldn't have thought of that either (can you tell I'm not very good at this?)

    4. I'm 99% sure it does, the upstairs bath is surrounded by finished rooms but what little I can see from the access hatches and from below indicates there's a separate vent. I'm also pretty sure it ties into the main stack in the attic joist space, but I'm going to have to finish demo'ing the bedroom closet for full access to the wet wall to confirm. Assuming it's separately vented, is the existing upstairs drain pathway good to go and OK to tie into the main stack with a 4x4x2 wye, just below the toilet?

    Also, I got a hold of the local inspector's office and will be heading over tomorrow afternoon to review everything. I'll post back with what he says.

    Thank you again for the feedback, it's very much appreciated!!!

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