Backwater Valve Sagas

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    Oct 15, 2014
    Why do I always get the weird properties with backwater valve problems?!

    I've got a client whose entire house needs protected by a backwater valve which also means it has to be normally open. Whoever did their prior work installed a normally closed style.. which failed while the customer was on vacation and they came home to a Lovely smell. Apparently you need to do maintenance on these things. Who knew?

    Years on and into the the current remodel where the backwater valve isn't even a consideration.. our inspector pokes around and finds the existing non compliant valve and says they have to change it. I gave them an estimate for a Mainline Fullport normally open with a manhole to access it for maintenance. But they want a way to Shut Off their drain when they go on vacation. So they came up with this thing.

    JR Smith Flood Gate

    I'll ask, but I suppose I know the answer.. Has anyone got experience with this valve? Its supposed to operate when a chamber pressurizes and lifts the gate up.. but it also needs to flood 9" of vertical drain in order to work (which might make it not feasible for the project from the getgo) But the gate can be manually lifted to close off the drain in case of vacation...
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