Any best e.z. solution for door to be effective as cricket barrier?

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    Hi, i recently tacked a Suptikes doorsweep to the door leading down to my basement, ever since a huge leaping Spider-Cricket crept upstairs and into my tiny computer room, where i felt trapped and terrorized. (The exterminator who killed it, said its normal to be terrified of such crickets.

    Now just this week, there were heavy winds outside. This resulted in my old fashioned north-facing basement window getting knocked open, leaving just the screen. The window is something like your past poster's as follows:

    As a result, heavy wind kept blowing in over the weekend from aforesaid north basement-window, in a Southward direction down the basement hall, where it would then swirve around the sheetrock wall, in a Northward direction up the stairwell, and hit the door on which i put the doorsweep, nudging it open.

    Below is the picture of my door leading to basement, with Suptikes doorsweep attached. Note that because long ago the door was used and abused, it doesn't close properly, and that's how the wind can push it open. See how the lowest part of the door is off-kilter. That's why i attached another small strip at its side, hoping against hope that no insects can squeeze thru at corner.

    Could be that prior to my attaching the doorsweep, the wind was able to pass beneath the door, thus met no resistance. And it may be that which is now forcing the door open. Because i think there were other times in past when the North basement window got knocked open by gale forces, yet i don't remember my upstairs door being pushed open. Is there any simple solution to this geared for a weakling like me? I kid you not, that my life in this 1950s house has been jampacked with all sorts of "problems-within-problems" such as this one, where you try to solve an issue, but then hit another within another.

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