Adding onto a dry well.

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    Oct 12, 2007
    Last weekend, over to my buddies house helping out with a septic problem... other than small backhoe had no business being there.
    anyway, he has had up to two families living with them, and now recently just him and wife now. Sewer water backing up over dry well in yard, so he wanted me to dig up next to dry well, trench 50' long with installed Infiltrators to help disapate water from dry well.
    It seems to be working ok at this moment, but I'm scared to death that he should have tried to hire a contractor to dig up old piping and tank and do a system makeover, I have a feeling we made a bad situation worse...
    His system consists of one septic tank, and 100' piping to concrete block dry well, and now added on 50' more of Infiltrators in leach field...
    thanks for viewing
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