A rejuvenating experience: Rasayana

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    Rasayana or rejuvenation, the restoration of the youthful vigour with the reversal og aging is an imporatnt bifurcation of Ayurveda, the holistic medical discipline. Longevity of life by fighting ageing and promoting good health forms the crux of the Rasayana Therapy. The healing, regeneration and rejuvenating process of this therapy is helpful in developing strong immunity and hence preventing diseases. The term Rasa means juice, taste, essence etc., but in Ayurveda the real meaning is instilled through the principle that Rasa nourishes the body, boosts immunity and maintains the health of body and soul.

    In many parts of India especially kerala ayurveda is practiced without tampering with the principles and procedures of the science. The Rasayana therapy is one of the vital treatment administered to the patients according to their ailments. Drugs are made with special ingredients after referring the recipies from the ancient texts of Ayurveda. These elixirs are known as Rasayana. The most common Rasayana that we are familiar with is Chyavanaprasha. The Rasayana therapy enhances the physical and psychological ability of the patient.

    Kamya Rasayana and Naimittika Rasayana are two general kinds of Rasayana Therapy. These two branches are further divided into other therapies. The Kamya Rasayana helps in promoting normal health by boosting energy. Naimittika Rasayana is for warding off certain diseases. Some foods also act as Rasayana such as ghee, lemon, ginger, cumin, dates, figs, almonds, lassi, green gram and seasonal fruits. The detoxification of the body or Panchakarma is an important therapy carried out before Rasayana Therapy. Only a clean and unclogged body can absorb, circulate and react to the medicines and therapies in a positive way.

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