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    Jul 5, 2009
    hello, guys, i back again.

    i have 2 questions

    1. is it normal for water to be left in the brine tank ? how much ?

    2. the city was working on the water main down the street. on the other end of the street, there was a guy flushing the main, out of the fire hydrant . lots of rusty water. our water was off for a lil while. and i think that while working on the main, they drained it, along with the water still in my pipes.

    so, when i got home later that day, i flushed my line at a valve right were it enters the house, and before the softener.

    later on, i go to take a shower. and somewhat rusty water came out for a few seconds. and smelled/tasted rusty for about 1 min.

    what, if anything, should i do to my fleck 7000sxt ?

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    Water in the brine tank is normal. Depending on whether you have a fill first or fill last brining will depend on the amount of water in the tank. Any time the pressure on the water lines is relaxed, there may be sediment that shows up after it is repressurized. You could regen the unit or wait untill it does it on it's own. It's not going to hurt anything.
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