1. S

    1” or 1.25” valve - conflicting info.

    Hi, the water line in my house is 1.25” after the pressure regulator (Larger from the street). For what it’s worth, the water heater is 1”. The house has 4.5 bathrooms. 2 people unless we have guest. I’m planning to buy go with a clack softener. My understanding from UPC is that I should use a...
  2. maelstrom

    Clack WS1 Diagnostic/Data Port?

    I have a Clack water softener and Ozone filter and would like to do some remote monitoring of these systems (remaining capacity, regen frequency etc.). They both have Clack WS1 variants so I am wondering if there's a standard way to retrieve data off these valves. I have tried sniffing the three...
  3. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Is the Clack OEM 5-Button Valve same as WS1CS?

    Hunting around in search of info and a vendor for the Clack 5-Button valve, I find a manual simply calling it the WS1 and photos of the WS1CS which has 5 buttons. Are those one and the same? If not, how different?
  4. Steveo1966

    Salt Level & Brine concentration / saturation

    I generally keep the salt level in my Clack WS1 unit above the water level which is recommended. However, every couple years, I like to run the salt down to near empty to make sure there is no bridging and also clean out any sediment from the brine tank. Currently the water level is probably...
  5. Glenr

    No Brine Draw Clack WS1

    I am not getting any brine draw from my brine tank. For troubleshooting, I eliminated the brine tank and its valves by putting the 2 ft brine line into a bucket of water. When I do a regeneration, there is no suction during any of the cycles and in fact there is water coming into the bucket...
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