wet vent bathroom group upc

  1. R

    Wet Venting to Main Stack

    Hi all! I am planning on installing a bathroom in my basement, I live in Maine (IPC code, I think). I have easy access to the main stack to the septic system but venting the drains (one vent for a up flush toilet, one vent for a up flush sink, one vent for a large bathtub) is going to be...
  2. herynkc

    Basement Bathroom Group Wet Vent

    I current have what is pictured installed for a bathroom group in a basement (toilet, lav, shower). These are tieing directly into the main 4" drain under the basement slab. There is a 3" main vent stack conveniently located just downstream of the toilet (this is a dedicated 3" dry vent for...
  3. T

    Will this wet vent setup work?

    I am redoing a bathroom and am moving fixtures around. I'm wet venting the bathroom group, but just wanted to run the diagram by those who would know better than I to make sure that it is correct. Upstream of this bathroom group is another bathroom that is separately vented.
  4. Tudorrenovator

    Venting side by side bathrooms, and another bathroom a floor below

    Working on a 100 year old home, have removed the cast iron and am replacing with PVC. I am limited by the existing structure hence some of the quirks. There are 2 full baths on the second floor, side by side, on a 3” line with a 3” vent in the middle going to the roof. All the fixtures are...
  5. flub1dub

    Wet Vent - Configuration A or B?

    I am grateful for your consideration. Is configuration A or B compliant with the UPC? I'm pretty sure A is but have doubts on B. If both are compliant, which would you prefer? Thanks!
  6. Michael MacQuigg

    908.2 Wet Venting a Bathroom Group (UPC)

    Hello all. I'm looking for guidance on the attached plumbing configuration for two bathrooms. I had a discussion with a local inspector (UPC, no relevant amendments) who stated that it wouldn't work but did not elaborate. 908.2.1 My dry vent connection is connected at the bathtub trap arm...
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