water softener discharge

  1. W

    Water Softener technician Q&A

    Alright so I had an interesting Service call today. Went out for a salt build up around a softener today see pictures in post. There were no active leaks I ran the system through a Regen cycle and no issues whatsoever. There were no leaks at the brine tank from what I could tell and the water...
  2. Boofuss

    Why is the outside pipe spaced from the wall?

    We had our roof replaced. The falling debris (shingles) broke an outside pipe (at the elbow) that was used to drain our water softener system. If I don't fix it, the pipe points downward against the outside wall. Seems like it would drain fine. But I would guess there was a reason it was plumbed...
  3. 2

    Water softener discharge to dry well

    Hi all, I’ve consulted these forums a lot for sanity checks/learning but finally have a particular question and would greatly appreciate your expertise. Had a double failure of both a water softener system and the dry well to which it drains, so in the process of replacing both. The new...
  4. Needlotsofhelp

    Draining Water Softener Into Clean-out does it need Venting

    After scouring the forum pages and reading all the great advice, I had my water softening company set up a stand pipe that drains into the clean out. The clean out is for a bathroom on the other side of the wall. It was the only option we had. Now I’m wondering if they were also supposed to put...
  5. OOBigFish

    Water Softner Draining Help

    Hello all, Looking for some help with my water softener installation. I live in an area where the frost line is 18” and the ground freezes in the winter. I am on a well water supply and have a sand mound septic unit. The septic company says not to drain the regeneration water into the...
  6. Kevin121

    Water softener discharge to washing machine stand pipe

    We are building a house and am looking to install a water softener in the basement. I am thinking of discharging the water softener to the washing machine standpipe drain located on the main floor above the basement. The discharge pipe from the water softener would need to go vertical for the...
  7. SapperCSM

    Kinetico Keeps Dripping after Regeneration

    Greetings, My Kinetico 2040 continues to drip or exit a steady stream after a regeneration cycle. It stops after I manually regenerate to the 12 o’clock position. Any ideas? Thank you in advance Vinny
  8. DAW

    Water softener discharge to washer stack or laundry sink?

    Hi, I recently repaired a water softener in an old house i bought. Unfortunately, it had been installed to drain the recharge brine into a sump pit, and then a pump pushed it through the foundation wall onto my neighbor's property line -- not a neighborly setup as I don't want it to kill his...
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