valve piping

  1. Eclecticmn

    What valves to use for hot water cast iron radiators?

    I have a hot water cast iron radiator system. It has separate supply and return pipes. My kitchen had slant fins that never got warm. I do not want to rehash that issue. The kitchen had not seen heat since at least before 1998 I recently learned. In a desperation to troubleshoot I cut the 3/4...
  2. Dimitris Kamarinos

    Shower/tub valve question

    Hi there. My girlfriend has found a tub filler she likes that is wall mounted. An issue we’ve run into is that she also would like a hand faucet for the tub, and the valve that comes with the tub faucet she picked out is supposedly adjoined to the faucet, not allowing for a diverter to be used...
  3. DripSplashDrip

    How to replace broken PVC pipe at valve joint? Water keeps leaking

    Can I reuse my old valve? Part of the PVC pipe is broken inside the valve. Also, the water keeps dripping out of the PVC pipe even though the water is shut off at the control box. As well, none of the other zones work. When I turn on any of the other 3 zones water gushes out of the broken pipe...
  4. JustSomeGuy

    Shower multi-head diverter plumbed wrong?

    arg! I didn't realize that the photos would disappear - let's try this again with a different host! I did a bunch of searching, but haven't found a post about anyone else being a huge dumbass like I was ;) So years ago I got this big acrylic shower that had literally fallen off a truck and...
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