toto aquia

  1. Cathy Kilgallen

    Toto WT153M Aquia dual flush in wall toilet running

    Our toilet keeps running after flushing. Called a plumber who told me that’s what you get when you buy these fancy a— toilets. I don’t know how to fix it. Order a flush valve and I’ll try to figure out how to put it in. Do you think this is what’s wrong? Could it be anything else? Can anyone...
  2. madmax6661

    TOTO ST412M Skirted Toilet Leak

    Hello Forumers, I have a Toto ST412M tank mounted on a CT412F bowl so it's a two-piece skirted toilet. It was running smoothly without any leaks until I decided to install a handheld bidet sprayer for various reasons. On most regular toilets, this wouldn't have been a difficult task because of...
  3. AKF72

    Replacing TOTO Aquia Flush Valve THU 224 with THU 435

    Due to NYC lockdown, I cannot have a plumber in my apt. I need to replace my old aquia Flush Valve THU 224 with a THU 435. No instructions. There is a piece in the tank where the THU 224 locks in. Do I remove that piece. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Graystone

    Toto's new wall hung toilets: AP, MH, RP, EP - Feedback and Reviews

    I am looking at wall hung toilet options and have seen the Aquia get a lot of praise and reviews online. Toto has newer wall hung models, all now at 1.28 GPF vs the 1.6 GPF of the Aquia (and Maris). I have found very little (actually, no) detailed reviews online that compare them to the Aquia in...
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